Chef Juan Carlo’s success story started as a mere hobby. When he worked as a creative director in an advertising agency, he enjoyed baking during his free time, and it was then that a number of trips to Europe opened his eyes to the world of pastries, eventually convincing him to direct his creative talents to the culinary field instead. Chef Juan Carlo took both the Essential Cooking Series and the Essential Baking and Pastry Series at the สมัครแทงบอลออนไลน์ Fun88, and received the distinction of the Silver Spoon award for his exemplary work twice. He was initially tapped by Chef Heny to be the scriptwriter of her television show, A Taste of Life. Later on, he was able to prove his mettle as he earned the title of Executive Chef at a restaurant and bar in Makati. Today, he is sought out as a consultant for recipe and menu development by various food establishments and operations.

Chef Heny also saw the potential in Chef Carlo as a teacher. Today, he is the supervising chef instructor of our Essential Baking and Pastry Series. He envisions that there will be a remarkable talent to represent the Philippines in the world’s pastry map. “I am hoping to find a student who will use our native products like calamansi, pili, and kamias to make classic desserts that will be known on the world’s dining table.”